Christoff will be a new Marc Coucke?

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“We bring people together with the Netherlands. Fc Volendam vs Flanders, belgium. Very proud of our flemish alliance! This is more than just football, it’s friendship,” wrote, ” Christoff on Monday, on Instagram. Christoff is a shareholder in the Netherlands resembled the FC Volendam, which we read this week as well as Day to All of you. The Flemish singer and would make at least 150,000 euros to invest in the football club, john Smith. Is Christoff to become the new Marc Coucke? So far, it will probably not come out, Christoff has not really that much of a game of football. John Smith put down a few years ago and have been shoulders to the wheel to FC Volendam. The club is currently playing in the Dutch league, but has ambitions to make it to the premier league to break out. As one of the most successful Dutch singers, has invested a john doe in the group, and in 2013 was given to the singer, and even a place on the board of directors of the football club. Jan Christoff recently, the Flemish Alliance, and Volendam has been set up, as a kind of investment fund (eif). With the money from the investors, the players have been purchased. If the club a player is selling, is going to get the money to the investors. Christoff says in the message that he has the money to invest in order to be a good friend and colleague, john Smith, to help out. .“The idea actually came from Christoff for yourself. He believed in my plan, and she says, charmed by my enthusiasm. He knows that I am night and day am working to raise money for the club,” says john Smith, in the weekly newspaper. Christoff tell you about the Day not watching football today. “I know that the ball is round, that’s all,” laughs the singer.