Chef Sofie Dumont, cooking with Jack, and to Cath Luyten on the Ibiza

55b13461b12457aa25777665efa20876 - Chef Sofie Dumont, cooking with Jack, and to Cath Luyten on the Ibiza

Three hundred days of sunshine a year and idyllic coves and bays, bohemian vibe, crystal-blue waters, relax to the max… her favorite, the spa. Chef Sofie Dumont was a few years ago and fell in love with the Spanish island of ibiza, and will be there each and every summer to go back. This year, she invites well-known guest into her kitchen. The result is you can see them on a weekly basis for the online summer of Happy Moments in Ibiza. Among other things modegoeroe Final will be in the pots to stir, agree with Pascal Braeckman for the sound of anyone else, and Cath Luyten makes is even more of the sun’s rays at the beautiful Beach. The first episode will now appear on Friday’s online – this is followed by each and every Friday for a new video.

Ps: – in 2009, the Lady Chef of the Year, it was, for a long time, cooking on tv, and now is, when the host and the chef, in the tv series ‘Grillmasters’ at the French television, and her tv debut in Wallonia, it was made to share inspirational recipes and on its own (bi-lingual) YouTubekanaal ‘Sofie Dumont, Chef. Her motto in life: happy moments & good vibes’.

In the summer months, now she is on the Spanish island of Ibiza where each week a famous guest will receive. Her food was plonked on the largest organic farm in Ibiza, at the Terra Masía’. An absolute gem located in the heart of the island, where locals sell vegetables and fruit to sustainable and ecological growing: direct-from-farm-to-table.

She takes her guests on a journey of discovery between of the fruit of his own (the egg)of land, in order to reap from where they currently are. Afterwards, tie them together with the kookschort to be in the kitchen and on the barbecue grill is ready to make a lot of them that comes to mind. Slow cooking, slow food, and slow living: slow down and relax in Ibiza, with the feel-good food.