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Bitcoin price falls below $ 10,000 – so, what’s next? – Coin Hero

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Bitcoin price falls below $ 10,000 – so, what’s next?

Home News Bitcoin price falls below $ 10,000 USD – How is it now?

Marcus Misiak –

To the chagrin of the Bitcoin investors of the crypto-currency has the downside momentum which you learned in the beginning of this week, once again, reinforced. This morning, fell to Bitcoin (BTC) after a week, again under 10,000 dollars.

The Bitcoin price is currently down to 9.815 USD (at the time of writing) has broken through the psychologically important resistance of $ 10,000 to the bottom. In the last 24 hours, BTC has fallen to 11.2%. Yesterday’s daily high of over 11,400 USD in the distance. BTC looks, therefore, with an increasing selling pressures faced, the gains of the last month in question.

The recent price retreat has dampened the euphoric mood of the market, which was caused by the recent parabolic rise of Bitcoin, but a prominent Analyst notes that earlier had to up accept trends are also setbacks, which means that the recent price drop of BTC may not be more than a consolidation.

As the Analyst at CL pointed out that Bitcoin, as it has become a liquid, tradable asset is months important psychological price consolidates points are the boundaries of $1, $10, $100, $1.000 and $10,000. When BTC was in the case of a US Dollar, it took 77 days, until the consolidation was completed. Each consolidation period was between three and six months. If history is an indication of how it goes, should stabilize BTC the current level of 10,000 USD.

In addition, Bitcoin over a longer period of time is still in a clear upward trend, as it is to its lows by 2019 from about $ 4,000 to well over 100 % from its lows of 2018 of 3,400 USD is significantly removed. A factor that could contribute to the downward pressure, with the BTC in last time had to face, the “CME Futures gaps”, the Bitcoin has formed during the recent parabolic rise. Josh Rager, a popular crypto-analysts on Twitter, recently stated that Bitcoin is very close to it, to close the gap.

The BTC CME Futures Cap was melted up to 10.160 USD. The first gap would be closed with a 10.015 USD. Currently, there is not a bonus of 200 USD on the CME, so the price hit under $10k such as Spot exchanges. The four-digit Bitcoin price was bought up in the Moment quickly.

The Altcoin-Season now?

The current Downtrend has catered for most of the Altcoins that much of the gains that you have achieved in the last few weeks, were wiped out. Bitcoin was not over a long period of time is incredibly bullish, with a lot of Altcoins to stagnate this upward trend is mirrored and in their prices.

However, it is currently seen that the Altcoins have seen smaller declines than Bitcoin, which could mean, according to some experts, a forthcoming “Altseason”. The profits from the recent rise of Bitcoin would be diverted currencies on other Crypto. The Altcoins are currently recording strong gains against Bitcoin.

At the time of writing XRP was about the last 24 hours, for example, almost 6% higher than Bitcoin. Other Altcoins have now against BTC, where Ethereum grew by 3% and Bitcoin, Cash by over 5% against BTC. The Wolf of All Streets, a popular crypto-currency analyst at Twitter, spoke about the flow of the BTC in profits in Altmünzen and explained that it’s a good sign that the money remains on the market.

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