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Binance, Ripple, and TRON work together for the good purpose

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Binance, Ripple, and TRON work together for the good purpose

Home News Binance, Ripple, and TRON are working for the good purpose

Marcel Knobloch –

Billions of people worldwide do not have access to Bank accounts and sanitation as economic growth and prosperity are not evenly distributed on our planet. Therefore, some difficult of the financial industry weights did have to make a small contribution to Overcoming the poverty in difficult regions.

The largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization, Binance, has teamed up with industry leaders to enable one Million women in underdeveloped countries the access to improved sanitation facilities. The Binance Charity Foundation has formed an Alliance out of a total of more than 47 companies in order to bring a Stable Coin, how to Tether on the market. To the supporters also VeChain, IOST, Pundi, Ripple, and TRON, among others.

The crypto-currency will bear the name of the Pink Care Token and was developed in order to eliminate the lack of hygiene products and facilities, and to improve the General health and well-being of women. According to the United Nations (freely translated):

Menstrual hygiene worldwide is still regarded as a taboo subject, and many women do not have safe, accessible and hygienic spaces for Washing and for Hygiene. It is estimated that, worldwide, 2.5 billion people have no access to improved sanitation facilities, and many of them are women.

According to the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, the Stable Coin is the first of its kind (freely translated):

Pink Care Token is the first Social-Impact-Stablecoin that is spent on the Binance Chain. Part of our Mission is to promote the adoption of crypto currency, and I think charity is one of the most efficient ways to support more people with crypto-currencies, and financial resources.

The new Token is intended only for the redemption and will be launched on the Binance Chain. The Token is bound to a one-year supply of Hygienepads, instead of a Fiat currency. The first Batch of Pink Care tokens, and Bind to be delivered in mid-July in Uganda. There are some women Cassava leaves for personal hygiene, which results in the long term to infections, and General filthiness of use. By this measure, the involved companies for more transparency and efficiency to create in the use of crypto-currencies in the world. You want to combat the ongoing Problem of poverty, especially for young girls in developing regions are to be helped effectively.

There are many companies which have written on the Flag, to give poor people access to a Bank account or financial resources. Binance has already built in several regions in Africa, schools and training sites, in order to give the people work and thus perspective. These developments are a sign of effort, these efforts further. The founder of Stellar lumen go ahead also with the Motto, “banking the unbanked”. This means that people should have access to financial resources worldwide.

Crypto currencies can help those in Need to help, because you can wear a variety of einsatzz purposes. Use it as a Coupon, to obtain the value of a particular commodity, is only a very small part of the large Ensatzspektrum in practice. The technology of Ethereum is also used in some of the crisis areas in Africa in the supermarket. The people can pay on the spot with Ether their food.

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