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Binance Margin Trading launches officially

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Marcus Misiak –

Binance has announced via Blog Post that the margin trading officially launches (and the Beta-test phase, leaves). Users of the exchange can trade now some crypto-currencies on Margin, by using the newly established commercial place of exchange.

Via a Blog Post that describes the new product, this new product is part of Binance’s “efforts to bring the industry forward, and to promote the freedom of money”. According to a quote by the beloved CEO of the stock exchange, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, will contribute to the introduction of margin trading to be a Startup that combines both “advanced institutional traders as well as retailers,” under a single roof, namely The new Service will therefore be integrated into the existing crypto-currency stock exchange, called Binance 2.0. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said:

This is a further step in the provision of a comprehensive crypto currency trading platform that both the needs of advanced institutional traders as those of retail under one roof to meet. We introduce a new Instrument in the markets for financial services and crypto currencies available, in order to improve the trading results of successful Trades.

The Margin trading allows users to earn higher returns, but also increases the risk of loss. For those not in the know, the Margin trading of the investors, to take advantage of their positions, which means that you can borrow funds from the stock market to increase your risk and your potential return. In the case of Binance user can assume a leverage effect of up to three times the trade size, which means that a user, if he has a Bitcoin, you can make a trade, as if he had three. To use this new System, the currencies for the time being, only for some of the Crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tron, and Ripple is supported, you will need to transfer the users to your money between your primary Binance Wallet and a new Margin-Wallet.

Yi He, co-founder of Binance, explained that the service was required by the cryptographic Community for a long time:

Because of the margin trading is one of the most sought-after services in our community, this is a Testament to the large market demand of individual traders and institutional traders alike, and its promising possibilities in the future

Binance 2.0 is optimized for access both to the existing stock as well as the new Margin function under a user account via a familiar interface. The 2.0 platform enables improvements in terms of Order Matching and price indices on the new “Advanced Trading Engine”. The new platform is the latest move by a stock market that seems determined to widen the access to virtual currencies. Binance has already opened several markets for the subsidiaries, such as Binance Jersey, as well as a stock exchange without Deposit. The stock exchange has also announced plans for Fiat money deposits in the United States and aims to be a platform for new Token offers.

Binance’s unveiling of the latest product in its already extensive Suite follows directly on Zhao’s announcement of the introduction of a trading platform for futures contracts (Futures). As the Analyst Luke Martin, it sets Binance the first crypto exchange his place in the history of penetrating to the four types of exchanges: derivatives, regulated Spot, unregulated Spot and decentralized Exchange.

On the Binance Academy, interested users can find a detailed Tutorial on how to margin trade on Binance:

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