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Binance is pushing ahead with App adaptation of Bitcoin, Litecoin and BNB

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Binance is pushing ahead with App adaptation of Bitcoin, Litecoin and BNB

Home News Binance drives with App adaptation of Bitcoin, Litecoin and BNB forward

Marcel Knobloch –

One of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, Binance, has launched a new App on the market, the flights and hotel bookers in touch with Bitcoin, Litecoin and BNB brings. This step since necessary to meet the new needs of the traveler.

The TrabelbyBit Beta App is now live. Consumers can now pay for flights and Hotels with Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and the Binance Coin. The platform is operated by the Binance Chain and should enable the user to travel the whole world and pay for it with your favorite crypto-currencies. The network has more than one Million flights and Hotels are connected to the world.

Last year in October Binance invested in the Australian Startup TravelbyBit and put great confidence in the CEO, Caleb Yeoh, who already had the local dealer at the airport from Brisbane on Board to accept digital currencies as a payment option. Yeoh performs, the cost for exchange fees at some locations around the world outrageously high and he wants to eliminate this barrier (freely translated):

As an avid kite surfer I am in search of the best Wind – and kitesurfing conditions all over the world traveled. I’ve spent a lot of transit time on airports and the exchange rate is robbery that takes place in these places, is shocking. The fees and inconvenience when dealing with multiple currencies in transit are a nightmare. Imagine, you can travel with a truly global currency without fees to the entire world. It TravelbyBit and Binance work – the digital currency for global payments.

For Yeoh, it was especially very difficult for large companies from the main stream to convince business of the advantages of crypto-currencies, since they are retracted in their structures and internal processes particularly strong. It takes about six months, to Yeoh the airport could start to convince him of this pilot project. The project is still at the beginning of the very long development, but he is looking forward to the cooperation with other companies that are innovative and with the Trend of the time go (freely translated):

Only the most innovative make a bold step forward and show the way. I have to say that the Brisbane Airport Corporation and the Cater Care group are at the airport real innovators in this area. There are people in these organizations that are brave enough to try something New.

In the negotiations Yeoh is in it, provide relatively good arguments, since crypto-currencies offer many advantages. Dazzu, among other things, the following:

  • Minimal Set-Up Fees
  • no dealer fees
  • No hidden extra fees
  • 100%transparency

Currently, Yeoh is in talks with innovative retailers, airports and Airlines, in order to expand the product portfolio of the App. Binance currently has more than 10 million active users. All of these users can be forwarded in the near future to the Offers and, thus, the adaptation of the App and use in everyday life to be further developed.

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