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Binance could Libra Facebook-Node run

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Matthias Nemack –

With Binance, the first renowned crypto exchange is now in the conversation for a Libra-listing. A Node operating in the stock market is interested in.

Binance can think of investment into the Libra System

Many of the partners for Facebook’s Libra System were to become known in the last two weeks. The two credit card companies Mastercard and Visa include. Other renowned companies joined already as a donor to the new network. That of all the payment service PayPal wants to be a Partner, has surprised some observers. From the crypto industry itself gave after the publication of the white paper to the Stablecoin from the house of Facebook little feedback. Now, however, a “Declaration of interest” comes from the environment of the Bitcoin exchange Binance. Binance seems to be for a partnership with the controversial payment system to be open. Recently, the stock exchange had announced that it will launch for U.S. customers a new platform. Before this (in addition to customers from other countries) were due to problems of Regulation excluded from trade.

Talks between the companies run

Normally be traded on the platform of Binance, especially “real” digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Altcoins from Ethereum over Litecoin until Monero. Anyone interested in the Bitcoin purchase on the platform, could buy in the future, possibly also the Libra Stablecoin and sell. Even if there are still no precise Details about a Listing: For the crypto world, the interest on the part of Binance could be something like an initial spark. The competition is not known. And so could follow suit soon, other exchanges and trading platforms, and in turn, messages to a trading opportunity. Binance goes further in its opinion, in the Other a step. The exchange does not want to make the corresponding output of the talks with Facebook’s responsible only to the trade.

In connection with the news that Facebook requires about 100 Nodes – so nodes – for its Blockchain – expressed the Binance chief strategist Binance, in addition interest. The cooperation should come about in this point, would be the stock market with Spotify, eBay, or PayPal in good company. Still, the negotiations between the Binance and Facebook put shoes in the children. In the course of the planned extension of a private Blockchain to secondary market trading Facebook will be dependent on the help of major crypto exchanges.

Gradually, the Facebook get plans structure

Binance would be from the point of view of many insiders, one of the best possible addresses for the Expansion. Binance strategist Chao expects in Interviews, however, that a whole series of exchanges lists at the end of Libra. Due to the expected success of the partnerships seem to be exclusive sooner or later more unlikely. The 10 million US dollars for the operation of a Node does not deter Binance, anyway. Praise the Binance Managers also mentioned that the Social Media group wants to hedge his Stablecoin alone over the course of the US dollar. Here, there is still no reliable information. It is, however, that Facebook will link its currency to a basket of different varieties of Fiat money. Despite the security efforts in the case of Facebook, the policy will remain especially skeptical of the project.

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