Back problem the Player Destadsbader are more serious than first thought

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Bad luck for the striker, who on Wednesday were planning to do, especially for a Player Destadsbader to the shore to cave in. The player would be sat night July 10, at the Radio 2 programme-Plage Préférée is to come, the party, however, is not true. John regrets the fact that he’s interview and performance on Kim Debrie has had to cancel, but there is a good reason to do so. The player has troubles since the award in this Ad, with even more pain in the back and it should be easy to do. There, on a stool cases. John has been a long time, the pain from his back, but since it was celebrating, the problems will only get worse and worse. Because Thursday is a very important tv appearance has been scheduled, he decided on Wednesday not to go to the live broadcast on Radio 2 on the Belgian coast. There is a big chance that he will on Thursday, however, in Flanders, the Party is the one to watch, but his presence in Antwerp, will be limited to the action. Worse, it would not be long to be able to sit, could not, without the aid of crutches, may walk, and should not have stairs to do. It is clear that the back injury where the Player is currently facing quite serious. For the fans of the singer are worried for their idol. Some of them are hoping that it’s Worse for his health and comfort, to choose, and others like him, Thursday, very, very, very happy to be in Antwerp, on television, and see action. Hopefully it gets the issue resolved quickly and the Player is once again free of pain, and pain in the back throwing in the next round of shows. That will come at the end of this month to return to it. On the 28th of June John, among others, at Suikerrock in Tienen, a few days later, there is a show at the Lokerse Feesten. And let’s not forget that he was on the 31st of August, the summer is ended Buikrock in his own Ad. Too bad that someone who is barely 30 and has been a serious pain in the back, but it is apparently more common than most people think. We will keep our fingers crossed for a soon and complete recovery!