Alexandra, and want to know to win Love the Island

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Sunday night, the painting of Love on the Island, and the datingprogramma of the FOUR. Over the past 6 weeks, was at the station in pairs and one of them was Sunday night, with the grand prize home to 25,000 euros, and in a relationship with you. The two winners were Alexandra, and want to know now.
To their surprise, it was tv presenter Holly Mae Brood to their name, the pair won in the final straight line of the finale is that of the other strong torque: Sebastiana, and Martin. In a poll on that couple, with as many as 52% of the vote, as the winners have been chosen, but nearly 100,000 viewers tuned in for Alexandra, and want to know. The mouth of the Piles fell off with the announcement of an open in surprise, even Alexandra could hardly believe it, and want to know the confidence and trust of the users came from. Alexandra was given the opportunity to be in the 25,000 to sustain themselves, and ultimately she chose to love, and, therefore, want to know. The 24-year-old Alexandra Jacobczyk of St. Nicholas, and the 26-year-old Denzel Slager from the netherlands-we Love the Island and a hobbeling course taken. There are hard words, of the cases during the six-week program. In spite of the various setbacks, the couple’s favorite couple, in the spotlight now. The two live in a little less than 200 miles apart from each other, but not in the next few weeks, not a stumbling block to their relationship to work out. Denzel did a few years ago, and they already decided to come to Antwerp, to move, that move will be possible at a fast pace to be finished. Love climbing, it initially saw Alexandra Using a absolutely not. They have trusted him for a second. The Dutchman was a soccer star in Los Angeles, having had a little too self-confident look. “No, that shouldn’t be,” thought Alexandra. However, slowly but surely, got to be the two to know each other better, and to jump the spark across. At the end of the day, it was Denzel at home, while the producers of Love Island have given him a chance, and that was with both hands. Then, Using his new girl and asked her to have a relationship with him and saw, I doubted it a moment.