Tina Maerevoet get her to care about him

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One day, there was, for me, is in the shop for a ‘heavy type’. So empty, but pumped up a case with the most horrible tattoos that is a tattoo ‘artist’ to work. But, hey, no prejudices, starting with the actress, and her message on Facebook. “He said he wanted to be one or the other ‘special’ way to pay for it, but the owner of the store didn’t have any idea of what the location meant. Where the bar said, ‘Why, art thou not a bank manager but ye are here, behind the counter ho, ho, ha, ha, ha.’
I have to say that I don’t really have a dent in the lag. The store owner, either. After a lot of fives and sixes left to the man in the shop. Unfortunately, he continued to be on the outside of the room, talking to my love”, is going to She continued.