Tanja Dexters and a friend are free

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Tanja Dexters, and her boyfriend, Michael Smith have been wed night for a while, picked up has been. The local police Neteland enter a pre-trial investigation in the context of drug abuse. Why is Tanja Dexters, her boyfriend and three other people are just picked up, it is not clear. Logically, it is suspected that the accused in this matter, but after the trial, if the five-one-for-one offer.
Tuesday morning early, caught the attention of the police within the in the famous garage at Parsons the Herenthoutseweg in Herentals, belgium. There is a notion in the wide area of Herentals, belgium. KIA, Land Rover, and Jaguar will be quickly sold. For some time now, is a former Miss Belgium Tanja Dexters, the partner of the owner of the business. In response to the search, however, would be a study of narcotic drugs of. There were only five people have been arrested and a total of three vehicles were seized. The search started in Herentals, belgium does not go unnoticed, and the garage is situated on a quite road. During the search, a total of five drughonden used. What is the role of Tanja Dexters, and her best friend, in this case, it is not entirely clear, but the fact is that the police force with a huge display of power, and by as much as 40 of men in the homes have started. At the start of the work day, employees were able to the garage and not at half past nine in the morning, in the garage, but, again, will be released.