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Kaspersky Report: Almost one in five make use of crypto-currencies – Coin Hero

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Kaspersky Report: Almost one in five make use of crypto-currencies

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Matthias Nemack –

The renowned company Kaspersky Lab asked people in over 20 countries, whether they have crypto-currencies. The result is surprising in part.

The survey asks for the current global purchase behavior

Many holders of Bitcoin and other popular currencies probably have the feeling that they were quite alone. Because at least in Germany, many studies and surveys attest to reluctance on the part of investors in the crypto theme. The new report from the Hoe Kaspersky Lab presents but in a global perspective, quite a different Situation on the market. It went in, “The Kaspersky Cryptocurrency Report 2019” but it is not only a question of how many people own Ripple, Ethereum, and other currencies. Analyzed the experts, the extent to which survey participants can introduce a foothold in the market. The basis of the evaluation surveys from the months of October and November 2018. You throw all the digital currencies of the Augur to Zcash in a pot, purchased by the end of 2018, approximately 19% of all people worldwide Coins.

Crimes such as hacker attacks, deter

That almost one Fifth of the cryptographic uses of the currencies is the positive side. But more than 80 percent can have no experience, would be the negative reading of the report. The participants of the Reports came from 22 countries worldwide, a total of more than 13,400 persons were asked for previous experience and investments. A realization of the report: Only one in ten Respondents, digital currencies properly and with all the facets to see through. A rather poor value. The previously non-active respondents were also asked whether they plan for future investments. 14 % of respondents expressed such plans. About 31 percent saw a decrease in the “dreaded” Volatility in crypto currencies as incentive for entry. Depending on the country from 14 to 19 percent of the participants stated that reports of Hacking, Scamming and other crimes made so far for lack of interest.

The report sees a need for additional trust for crypto world

Numerous interested parties (22 %) expressed they did not want Coins to use, which have a hedge through real asset classes. For the authors of the Kaspersky report, especially of. The industry needs to do more to the investors-to secure confidence in the long term. In addition, it must be ensured that consumers truly believe in the crypto market, with its different models and orientations. Even potential investors, who often opt not for crypto-currencies as a permanent Investment. Most of the Coins you still need a restraint by the Mainstream, such as the Bitcoin, meanwhile, is managed. But even there, it was a lot of work, until the first digital currency will finally prevail, and, increasingly, as a means of payment, has been able to establish. And even the Bitcoin still has a large part of the way to the General recognition in front of.

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