Dean is doing a public job interview

2275a3f6b03e32ca5fb0d914cb4417cd - Dean is doing a public job interview

In a striking moment last week at the Bucket List in the Document Screen. Dean was there as a guest, and when the second bucket, he surprised friend and foe by saying that he was Sure to win. The festival, to win, to take part, it is, of course, is very difficult. As a result, the presenter, Herbert Verhaeghe in front of the camera, that now is the time for VRT to be Dean next year, is to send it in. The lead singer thinks it’s a great game, even though it is in her own words-also known as a ‘nest’ of them. Dean is a determined and self-motivated. He wants to be a good number to come up, Tom Dice, for example. But it looks more to the style of Johnny Logan, and he will be in the English language or perhaps the French do.

As a Dean at the Eurovision song contest may be, it will not be too far to travel. The next year, it is in the Netherlands. The perfect spot for our main entry time to shine!