Clipopname Danny Fabry ran a wall down

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Danny Fabry has released a new single, and the singer calls it, it is a real ” Danny Fabry-song. It is, of course, is the ambience and as well, as you two have heard of it, you can all sing along to. “You’re my number one” was Danny’s relayed by John Spencer. In the halls, it’s all right, and so it was decided that the sympathetic singer from Scherpenheuvel, there are profits out of it.

The clipopname the hot air balloon and had a lot of trials and tribulations. Due to weather conditions, every effort had already been cancelled and two weeks to wait. In total, about a dozen people to take part in this clipopname, including Danny, with his daughter Lauren and his wife, Georgette. The landing of the hot air balloon was perfect, in the center, but it was out of a farmer’s expected. After that, the man in question has some threatening words had been spoken, it was the police, there will even be picked up. According to Danny’s in the Basement on a Sunday, it took the dispute with the farmer for about an hour. Danny Fabry I had empathy for the man, as there are already hot-air balloons flew for the necessary inconvenience caused. But, of course, that’s obviously not the case.