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Bittrex: customers in Liechtenstein to act are now able to

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Matthias Nemack –

That the stock market would Bittrex start, of all things, in Liechtenstein, was not to be expected necessarily. However, customers can act now with crypto-currencies.

US stock market seemingly wants to conquer Europe

Barely two weeks ago, the Bitcoin stock exchange Bittrex announce that the company restricts the trading of various crypto-currencies for customers from the USA. Were affected, among other Coins, such as Hydro and QTUM. All in all, the blocking of met more than 30 different digital currencies out of the total of more than 200 Coins. Only a short time after this message, the message that the operator Bittrex is aiming for Expansion within Europe now. To be more precise: It is about the fact that the US stock exchange Bittrex is expanding its business model to the country of Liechtenstein. There will be an investor wanted to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Coins and buy had to use, so far on other platforms. Even if the development of numbers in General, due to the potential additional users of anything other than serious appears. Europe is for crypto exchanges to be an exciting patch.

Bittrex seems to be active in Europe

Even the mini-States like Liechtenstein, are an important step to expand the circle of customers. Now, customers in Liechtenstein may not operate on Bittrex trading with Bitcoin, Ripple and other popular Altcoins, it shows one thing: The stock exchange opens its doors at the international level. So, there is also a Compliance Team in place that deals with customer questions, and state requirements. Act Token a “qualified customer” now, you can call on Fiat money. For example, soon the Euro will be used. The stock exchange management presents at least pleased about the extension of the platform to the small country. Because Liechtenstein is located in Europe and thus a kind of link in the continent represents. As a “unique Chance” is referred to, the small state of Bittrex International.

The expansion comes as other countries in Europe?

Positively, the company is in the trade with Bitcoin, Litecoin and co. just in terms of the openness of the Supervisory authorities of the country. Structurally, the state is a good environment, the crypto to set up a stock exchange in Europe. For the provider to wash the said Expansion of the high requirements in terms of money and transparency purposes must meet, rather it is an interesting challenge. In terms of safety Bittrex sees no significant problems. The block chain of the law of Liechtenstein on the subject of identity check does not change anything. On the contrary, the high legal hurdles to meet the self-imposed right to basics of the stock market. Whether the project is really a success in trade with Ripple and all the others on the platform, tradable currencies, must now. Eventually, the country is also only the beginning of other expansions?

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