Already, 70,000 of which sell tickets for Daens out the door

50cc34b3ea94b71f0b01491b2507083f - Already, 70,000 of which sell tickets for Daens out the door

In Recent years, Studio 100 is the new version of the succesmusical Daens in 2020 will be. The Flemish public are responding already, as eager for the extension of the show, for more than 8 months before the premiere, it’s a fact. Already, more than 70,000 people have Studio 100’s for the spectacular, the 2.0 version of the musical. Daens will be available as from the 22nd of February, alternating with a spectacular musical production to 40-45 to be in the Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theater Again.

With Gert Verhulst, “The musical” Daens is not just a pick up. We have the ambition to be a of a spectacular Daens 2.0 to create it. I am very proud and grateful that we today can announce that we are producing are going to extend because of the high demand for tickets.”

The title role will be played by Peter Van de Velde. His brother, Pieter Daens ” is played by Jan Schepens. There is theatermonument, Jo De Meyere, the role of the Bishop Stillemans. Free Souffriau is a Neat, Scholiers, and Jelle Cleymans is an expression of the socialist leader, Jan, is The Location.. Manou Kersting will be the role of the ruthless fabrieksopzichter Schmitt, and Peter Thyssen, provides the comic touch to the role of the Ponnet. Fabrice Pillet was cast as Charles Savage.