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A. Pompliano: Bitcoin price will reach $ 100,000 until 2021

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A. Pompliano: Bitcoin price will reach $ 100,000 until 2021

Home News A. Pompliano: Bitcoin price is 100,000 USD to 2021, to reach

Marcus Misiak –

Morgan Creek Digital founder Anthony Pompliano says that he thinks that Bitcoin will likely reach by the end of 2021 $ 100,000.

“The Pomp,” as he is known in crypto circles, predicted correctly that Bitcoin would reach its low point at $ 3,000, before it rises again. In his new Off-The-Chain E-Mail-Newsletter (and on Twitter), he writes:

This prediction of a price decline of ~50% was recorded with a lot of skepticism, but ultimately it proved correct. Bitcoin fell in December 2018 3.200 $, before it recovered and last Friday at the price of 10,000 USD over lap.

Pompliano call the rising demand and the weak Performance of traditional markets as two of the main reasons for their new forecast.

The price increase is driven by a very simple idea – supply-demand-Economics the price remains a valid market determinant. Bitcoin is an asset with a deflationary plan delivery. In the next ~2.5 years, there will be an incredible increase in demand, while the total supply remains stable and the new offer is reduced by 50% (from may 2020).

Pompliano warns investors but also to the high volatility of Bitcoin and the risks. He expects numerous 20-30% Rücksezer of new all-time highs, and says that no one should invest what he cannot afford to lose.

In his opinion, the next Bull Run, from a variety of sources and factors will be driven:

The increase in demand for Bitcoin will come from a variety of sources and on a variety of factors to be due. The large-scale institutional transfer, the registration of multiple ETFs and retail products, increasing global instability, a lack of performance in traditional markets and the ongoing Manipulation of markets, economies and currencies by governments around the world. […] The market capitalization of Bitcoin will reach over 2 trillion dollars, if Bitcoin is worth $ 100,000. This is less than 1/3 of the market capitalization of Gold and less than 1/40 of the global money supply.

Why the current price of 11,000 USD is justified

In comparison to the Bull Run at the end of 2017, there are already a lot of factors currencies the value of Bitcoin and other Crypto:

  • Large Wall Street firm to make ready for the entry into the crypto market: Fidelity Investments and BNY Mellon have already started publicly with the work. Fidelity has launched its cryptocurrency Custodian Service on the market, and actively tests its Trading Desk. BNY Mellon has teamed up with Bakkt together, the emerging Bitcoin-Futures-exchanges/infrastructure developers. In addition, TD Ameritrade and E*Trade have expressed, two big American brokerage for individual customers, the Bitcoin spot trading in the near future. These platforms could open millions of Americans, the doors to crypto-currencies.
  • In contrast to 2016 or even 2017, there are today many companies, the crypto-currencies on a range of services to accept it: AT&T, Nordstrom’s, Amazon’s, Whole Foods, Microsoft and more. In other words, the adaptation of Bitcoin as a medium of Exchange continues to grow.
  • While the Consensus in 2019, Microsoft introduced a decentralized identity solution (DID), which should give consumers more control over their Online data and people. This is not just a Blockchain-based solution. Instead, Microsoft has declared the intention to develop this solution directly on the Bitcoin Blockchain.
  • And, of course, Facebook presented together with well-known corporate partners (Uber, Spotify, Visa, PayPal, Booking Holdings, etc.) Libra, a Stablecoin. While cynics view this as a threat, analysts have come to the conclusion that it will be a win for Bitcoin.

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