A family says goodbye to Green

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It had been there for a while, and Tuesday night, it was on that day, Felix Jamaels for the last time, Jelle Van den Bosch, to see the Family. The fans have thought of that, Very during the season finale of this week, it would go away, but they have the speed of them. Sat night got Very (Felix Jamaels), and Inez (Charlotte Suijs in the Family and their luggage to the Bart (Chris Van Tongelen) in Dubai to return home. For His was the journey of a moment in a thread, because they are not allowed to do so by her mama. Monday came, and Bart, Peter (Gunther Levi and the establishment of His ” mother, Gloria, is the cleaning and a new love for Peter. Gloria has been decided that the water in the wine to do it, and let her daughter have yet to leave. With the departure of Bart, with His and the Very means for the exit of the actor Felix Jamaels, which is one and a half years in the role of Very freely. Felix wants to concentrate on his studies, and which were unfortunately no longer be able to combine work with Family. Now, Very out of the series, leaving the big question of whether we have Chris Van Tongelen was still back at the Family to see them. Is there a character Bart is not a reason to move from Dubai to come home. In the sequence, are Green, and his sweetheart, Inez, for the next two months in Dubai, but it is a definite departure. And it will be in the ruined buildings, after the two months are effectively back to the house, and Gloria and Peter are going to live? Or do we get it in september, and a new Green in the House?” The risk is when the Family cannot be ruled out that the creators of the series, in the last few months with a new actor, sought and found.