Pornokoning offer of 50,000 euros to the applicants, Ex On The Beach.

763939e799ca8ddaef797de00c4f5e18 - Pornokoning offer of 50,000 euros to the applicants, Ex On The Beach.

It’s not the first time that in the Showbizz-Site is the exclusive interview with Dennis Black Magic was, Dennis took us from the prison called. The pornokoning the past few months, been very busy and have lots of plans. What does a man in prison? Think hard, brainstorm, and watch tv. That last one is made by Dennis Black Magic, the last few years, and now he was certain this was it, he could have. Programs like Temptation Island, Ex On The Beach, Love the Island, by Dennis Black Magic has, over the past year, and seen that he has an opinion about it. For that reason, he is using our media the chance to seize in order to convey a message to all the participants of this program. “”In lieu of free of charge of charge, you have to let them fuck in a slechtbekeken a tv programme in which our young people, unfortunately, are also looking for your 15 minutes of fame, because it is longer, it is not because you are not a real companies it will be better to follow in the footsteps of the famous with an old hospital wheelchair, such as Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardashian, as well as a sextape to make. I am already 50 000 euros and the glory”, says Dennis, to the world of Showbiz-Site to know about it.

“Normally, I look rarely to the programs, to be honest, even they never are. Now that I look at it and I was like, ‘what’s to say that all of them just to be on tv?’. In my opinion, programs such as ” Love the Island, the Temptation Island, as well as Ex On The Beach, second hand porn films. The language that people use, it is even dirtier than the one we’re using in real porn movies. If you do have sex on screen for less than 15 minutes of fame, please do so well in a real porn movie”. And it is time for Dennis to all of the candidates are from, the clothes are going to be in Love on the Island, the Temptation Island, as well as Ex On The Beach: ‘you Know what? I’ll give you 50,000 for a sekstape, and you’ll get the right way to eternal glory with it. There’s already a couple of weeks with it in my head, now to the outside world, too.”

“Look, I’m really curious to see who has the balls to use his or her body is going to have to be able to log in”. Dennis has a good eye for talent in the industry. “Personally, I prefer it to sleeping beauty from the city go to handsome Harry , both of them out, Ex On The Beach. If you are in a very good way to bring out everyone’s happy, and we have substance to talk about.