Not to be missed: It Was a She

e95aacd56ac9e6ad055b674bea429001 - Not to be missed: It Was a She

We had 10 years ago, and that gave her the life got, it is a very good reason for the belgian to be in the documentary, “This is She” to make it.
She, born Hilde Rens, had a singer, a tv and a radiopresentatrice, gay icon, wife, and mother. But who was she really? And it is what has led to the fact that she is on her 37th life got? Her mother, Anita Claes, their best friends and colleagues, to sketch her as she truly was: a perfectionist, but also lazy, loud, but also a bit insecure, happy, but also very, very dark, and very generous, but also demanding, is happy old age, but sadly, many died at a young age.