Greet Rouffaer’s scores role in from Home

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The surprise of the format of the Monday night plunged Greet Rouffaer, for the first time in her career in the ‘at Home’ on it. Monday night appeared to Greet the character Reinhilde Deploige, for the first time in the series, a woman who has her sights set on the young Daughter. When she Dries out at a restaurant seen in the company of Marianne, to see him right away for a professional male companion, where they will give him a letter to toestopt with her cell phone number. After the bad news of his master’s thesis and the realization of the urgent cash needs to come in, decide He is to go on a business proposal, Reinhilde: just keeping company with, no more or no less. However, it is also how to Reinhilde for the eyes?

Something had been very pleased with the guest that they can perform at Home: “It felt a little weird, for the first time in 16 years, and for the first time in the parking lot of the studio, where it’s in front of me started to Wittekerke, however, I was welcomed with open arms, amazing. I knew, of course, already have a few of my colleagues, but also with the rest of the team, from the kleedsters to schminksters, and the young actors were so cute! I felt like I was very welcome, and was immediately ” at home.”