Comedian Guido Weijers will give a 9+

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Comedian Guido Weijers will give a 9+

24 June-2019 07:45 am
24-06-19 07:45 am
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Yes, it is generally a very happy person. The comedian, who is currently touring with the master class, good Luck, it would be his own life with a 9+ show.

“People ask, ‘Why not 10?’ I will say that there is a 9+ is much better than the one in ten, as a ten would mean that you are not a dream anymore. And that’s the idea, makes me not happy,” said the 41-year-old comedian is in discussions with Fidelity.

Weijers was the show, which is part of 2017 began with the master class, Fundamentals of happiness at the Erasmus University of rotterdam, made in Bhutan, research on gross national happiness and the combining of multiple studies of good luck.