Zita Wauters is launching his own clothing range

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In the past few weeks, Zita Wauters, all of the teasing that is it for this weekend’s big news was to come, and they have kept his word. Zita Wauters is launching her first kids ‘ collection, in collaboration with the CKS Fashion. The collection will take place in auguustus presented to you, and you can be there, too. addition to its debut in Stijn Coninx’s film is Not to Shoot, and lifehack vlogs with the result, but as the daughter of Koen Wauters, and Valerie De Booser and her dream of once again that has a cool street style, a collection of her generation, might have been written. The collection is made as of the 5th of August, online and in-store. Two days before, it was a Disaster, Wauters, X CKS Party at The Studio in Antwerp and that’s where you are. Beats by dj Amber is Brittle, a TikTok and a gaming booth, a photo corner, and a goodie bag… Get your tickets, because the number is restricted. Tickets from