Willy Sommers is on the Engie Parkies

f4993e90b86f52cfd453cba4dcc3e518 - Willy Sommers is on the Engie Parkies

It promises to be a great summer to be in the Engie Parkies. This year there is even more variety in the artists that come to perform. And of course, Willy Sommers, is just one of the many performers who go to few locations in the Engie Parkies to come.
On the 8th of July, represents Willy at 20.15 pm on the stage in the Park Baron Casier in the Countryside. On the 17th of July and Willy go to the Hague to be there in the Konginnepark show. On the 13th of August, the party was formed in the Romaine and The Vidtspark in Sint-Niklaas. All of the performances are free of charge.