The new single-Geike Arnaert

217bace5d1ff212f339a739ee655b270 - The new single-Geike Arnaert

Geike releaset her brand-new single, ” Middle of The Night. It is the second single to be taken from her debut album, expected in October, is released. The song was inspired by a book that Geike has been recently read, that “The Noise of Time” by Julian Barnes. The book is about a Russian composer who, during the reign of Stalin in the black list, and he was afraid that any moment he could be picked up. For this reason, every night with all my clothes on, and in a case, ready and waiting at the elevator in his building. The ” Middle-of-The-Night is about you, let them be picked up by the dark thoughts in your mind, but the mind in the eyes, daring you to look at. Everything will end up well (or at least more or less…).