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The Austrian mobile provider allows Bitcoin payments

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The Bitcoin is the only crypto currency that incorporates the A1 Payments with Salamantex and partners for mobile Numbers. A total of five Coins can be used.

Crypto coins to use as an Alternative to Fiat money on the phone

The name of the company Salamantex met attentive crypto-Interested lately. The Startup began at the end of 2018, in order to make crypto-currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin for the normal trading compatible. Finally, the service provider gained also by working with the provider fiskaly attention. Together they developed a payment terminal and its cash register, which Fiat combines currencies of money and Crypto. Now Salamantex cooperates with a further important Partner in Austria: the Payment offshoot of the mobile phone service provider A1 Telekom Austria Group. The parent company has announced that it will offer through the new partnership for A1 Payments to its customers the Chance to pay for, among other things, invoices with digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, ETH, and three more Coins for phone payments, use

In addition, providers can currencies-customers in addition, the built-in Crypto for other payment services, which will be claimed via the mobile phone network. The use of digital currencies at a glance:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum (ETH)

Dash (DASH)

Litecoin (LTC)

Ripple (XRP)

Overall, another representative from the current Top20 is the crypto so in the first step, four of the top ten Coins as well as with a Dash of currencies available. The processing of the actual payments when the terminal provider, Ingenico GmbH, is involved in addition, the service provider Concardis, like the the Provider. The crypto-payments in the System are performed by said Startup Salamantex.

Important step for the more crypto-acceptance

The Marketing Department in the house of A1 Payments in the extension of the service model is an important step. Just because a lot of payments through services such as Apple Pay doing in the area of mobile phone a lot, you can see urgent need for appropriate extensions in the field of crypto-currencies. Here it lacks in Austria to date of acceptance. As an important target group of the provider is called the Asian tourists. This group of users used in countries such as China or Japan already significantly stronger than in Europe, services in digital Coins and Mobile Payment solutions. The offer should pave also in the Alpine Republic new ways. Whether the customers themselves from the Service, must show introduction yet.

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