New music PC-Brown

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It is a very good voice, white teeth, and always looking their best all dressed up-PC Brown knows how to make his audience should be playing. Also, his taste in music is a lot to say about this. PC-Brown, it is definitely not a single style, to sum up: from disco to motown, and this summer it even has a jaunty little waltz, as the new zomertopper!
PC Brown is a talented artist who knows all the tricks of the profession at a very early teaching. The stage is his home away from home, and last year was PC and the Brown wire to the artiestenleven like to get back in. He has two successful singles, ‘Scarlett Moana Marie”, and ” Kiss In The Dark. In terms of style, two very different numbers, what is the world of man once again in the paint to make a move.

For a single, went to PC, Brown a lot back in the days. In 1974, the Jamaican reggae singer is James Lloyd, a hit single with ‘You t ’aime, je t’aime cherie”, a jaunty little waltz that makes the dreams of a Southern terrace in napoli, where love reigns supreme.
PC Brown said Bart, Herman, to the swaying melody of an appropriate English text to come up with. Producer, Laurens Van Wessel went on to work on‘, You can ’t aime, je t’aime Cherie’ ‘2019-proof, too. And the results are great! “‘You, t ’aime, je t’aime Cherie ” is a nice, summery song, and I hope that it will be well received, ” said a very enthusiastic, PC, Brown.