MOBILE James to Score, and explode

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It was a Saturday afternoon scare when James Cooke was awake. He had to chose a picture, put it online, that the impression is aroused that he, too, was married. The fact that Gert Verhulst in the picture, replied that he was a witness to it, made people flip. James Cooke married? The congratulations began to flood in. And that’s where James sat morning from fright is the. “You can wake up to the many congratulations on my phone… all to avoid confusion -> NOT married, NOT you. not yet”, wrote a letter to the presenter on Instagram. James will be here for a while need to be told, some of his friends make fun of, then take care of the situation. Kobe Ilsen posted a video on Instagram of Stories by James and his friend, Dorian. It appears that the images of Gran Canaria, where They Verhulst is currently shooting for the Love Island. “Still on the honeymoon? @Gran Canaria,” said Kobe Ilsen, with a smiley face on the wall in the video.