Michel Van den Brande, in the barn

51cea4743ae7229814edc0d8991fc609 - Michel Van den Brande, in the barn

Michel Van den Brande has been a rough husk but he has a peperkoeken the heart. Last Friday, Michel in his mouth to bite down, because he has great fear of the anesthesia, and that it was necessary to have a surgery, that Friday happened to them.

“I’ve got my boktanden have to let them go,” says Michel Van den Brande is on Facebook. He went to the doctor and the surgeon Heyndrickx in Beveren (belgium). “I want to be everyone but the anesthesiologist said that to me about my fears, it has to go and helped me with the rap has to go,” adds Van den Brande further. Finally, he has very little of the procedure is not noticed except in hindsight, it was ice cold. Meanwhile, Michel is hard at work recovering from the surgery.