Yves Segers has been disappointed

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It was in front of Yves Segers is best known as scared as he was on Friday, the newspaper for The Latest News. The paper was a list of the artists with the most performances during the months of July and August. In his own words, based in the newspaper and on the Flemish Ultratop 50. The only artists this weekend in the hit parade were to be found, have been included in the list. Bad luck for the Yves Segers, and he was not on the list. But The Latest News seems to have a different rest, and that is on the site of the Ultratop in the list are, in fact, a lot of artists that aren’t in the Ultratop are. Who are the artists in the list of places is not consistent. “The News is clearly not necessary for me to mention, as an artist, one of the busiest schedules. This summer, I’m in the 50’s time on stage!!!”, wrote this as a failure, Yves Segers is on Facebook.