Ultratop 50 In Flanders At Week 25

db320a31dd422c0dab3af1dbbbc7bd03 - Ultratop 50 In Flanders At Week 25

The netherlands come out of this week’s list, with two songs, namely, “an Astronaut” or “the best”. Furthermore, we are taking leave of Bazart feat. Eefje De Visser with “Among us”, “Clouds”, of Croom, Siham feat. Daniel Said, and “La Dura”. Finally, it is also a “Hold me down” by Wim Soutaer, there is not the question.

Jonas Winterland feat. Chantal Acda has a new 50 “under the sun”. 45 is Abdou, and “the Last dance”. 44 we find, “in The summer,” Garry Hagger. “The summer of you and me,” by Eveline Cannoot came in at 38. “Every end is a new beginning,” for the Neighbour at 37. “Well, you’re my Gigi,” from the many features the Kemper should be in this week or frost to lose from 10 to 22, but the sequel, “How you walk” is to be firmly binnenwaaien is the highest new entry at 24.