FIVE treats the viewers to a new summer’s

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It promises to be a hot summer, as the FIVE picks below, and the denominator of One Hot Summer, the heartbeat of summer programs. As such, the Dutch, – First-Dates (from 24 June), the second season of ” The Bachelor, Australia (2 July), and the UK version of the reality tv series Undercover Girl (from July 5th) for the next two months, the weather in both FIVE on Viewers who are looking for some guilty pleasure, which may be in July and August, the second visit at FIVE years for the research.a. in the heat of the loveshow from the moment of the Love Island, to the UK, can be Placed in Presentation to the UK, Love At First Kiss, and Adam seeks Eve.

A few new series are making their presence felt in the vrouwenzender, such as First Dates, in the Netherlands. The liefdesrestaurant that a lot of the singles together for the first time to meet, will open soon its doors to the public. The young and the old, is in First Dates at the same time and in the same location, in search of true love. Who is mr. perfect and who’s going home with the woman of his life?