Christophe Haddad-experienced turbulent season at Home

1273269836328568bcf9e122568e4f71 - Christophe Haddad-experienced turbulent season at Home

Christophe Haddad said this weekend in the newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen that it’s a big season for him at Home. He is married to Christine, a character who we’re, a year ago, don’t know. “My position is, since my beginning in 2016, it is becoming a strong rider. In his beloved We were unexpectedly pregnant, but, at that moment, he could not accept it. His autism has been a difficult be given. It blocks if there is a major change in his life. Later, he and Christine, a woman who gave him stability. Together with her he tries to get his life in balance.” Or is it that marriage has to happen? “There must have been something big to happen in order to be consider for a review. Bob does not respond like so many others. I get a lot of messages to parents or friends of people who have autism. They are very thankful to the person. And they are a lot of aspects are identified. That’s a huge compliment, and it gives me inspiration and motivation to take on the character to further develop them.