Today, The World of Bellewaarde

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Tonight is the fourth episode of The World Of the Brand, is a zebra, Amber is being pampered with a pedicure. The treatment is a race against the clock, because the anesthesia wears off after an hour. To avoid accidents, follow these steps to veterinarian Melissa, everything is a trip.

The present each and every day of the stunt, and the diveshow to safely return to the ground floor, but the one time he actually jumped in at the deep end: are the stunt men and women, to learn of him, how he is able to dive like a pro, but that’s easier said than done.

A veterinarian, She is in it for a long time. She also prepares, along with her co-workers Sign up to the departure of one of the bison. Prior to the bison, the wild nature of India and can explore the animals first, in the vervoerbox and that is just not so easy …

In the World of Bellewaarde, on Friday, at 20.05, at FOUR years old.