Rock Werchter festival is rolling hittegolfplan of

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Next week’s Rock Werchter. The most recent weather maps show that the hot is going to be. Very, very hot. The festival organiser will take steps to ensure that the festival will also be in a tropical climate, in the best of circumstances, can be roll up to a hittegolfplan out.

A very important key word: “water”. The owners and staff will be asked for plenty of water to drink. There is also free water available in all the toilet blocks in the Festivalpark. You should be-that is a new one – an empty drinkbus to bring, so that they can fill it with fresh water. The departed is one of drankbon besides, it’s good for a 50cl bottle of Spa Pure.

In the Festivalpark, there are also a variety of verfrissingspunten with a non-potable water. Spread out over the whole of the Festivalpark will have a refreshing vernevelingssystemen is to be placed. The Barn and KluB C is to be cooled. The warm, oxygen-poor air at the top of the tents will be sucked away, the air in the tents to the side. Thus, the inside temperature a few degrees lower compared to that of the ambient temperature.

If necessary, the organization of water hung at the entrance to the Festivalpark in the boxes at the front of the stage, near the entrance of The Hive on Wednesday. There is also a team in order to purify the water distributors in the field, and The Hive sent to you. The Teams are also on standby for the waterbedeling at the train station in the world. You will be asked to stand against the sun. Sunscreen use is not advisable. It is also recommended that a cap or hat is to be worn. Owners and employees are asked to be considerate in the sun, napping, people, and this is a wake-up call.