At home: is this the end of Bob’s and Christine’s?

507a8825efc067868f92c31d37c13117 - At home: is this the end of Bob's and Christine's?

A photograph of Philippe, who is in the bed with Christine, the night after her single time, make the next week may be a relatiecrisis between Christine and Bob. Christine has had too much to drink and was given a wake-up call to be told that they are in the night, how did you stay, and that there is more to it than sleep. We so much regret about what happened to her other singles. That is to say, of what she thinks happened, because it Pay, and are now playing under one hat. How to gaaat Bob’s next week to respond to that? Bob hair is still a window of opportunity, the truth comes out, and marry it, or is the Bobtine?

For Nancy, it is not really time, they will be given during the mediation process all sorts of reproaches to her head to check-in, and it feels terrible.