On Thursday, Four In a Bed

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In Waasmunster, belgium, a municipality in the middle of the tourist area of the Waasland is located in the historical centre of The Koolputten. It was here, in the ’30s, the coal is stored and handled. Since the 2017 hosts to the domain, The Koolputten a restaurant, art gallery and B&B, which will be operated through Jan. Partner, Luc, and has been a full-time job in IT, but it helps Jan at the weekend, and carries out the technical jobs of. Jan and Luc, have been a great tandem, and it is also necessary, because it can get quite busy in the B&B, 2 family rooms and 6 twin rooms. The rooms have a modern, industrial-style, but the rays still have the necessary heat from it. Luxury was the motto of The Koolputten, though, there is all that wealth for a small interior. “We have found that, for both the cyclist and modderschoenen as a business man with laptop on the terrace, have to be able to sit down. Everyone is welcome here,”say john and Luke.

Four In a Bed, and on Thursday the 20th of June at 21: 15 hrs on tv.