James Morrison once again in Brussels,

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James Morrison is back!!!! With his new album, ” You’re Stronger Than You Know’ by the hand, he, on Thursday, October 10, to the front of the Madeleine church! The ticket sale will start on Friday, June 21, at 10 am.

As the world learns that the crystal clear voice of James Morrison in 2006, thanks to the hit single “You Give Me Something” from his debut album ‘Undiscovered’. A brilliant writer and a composer, was inspired by the beautiful gems from the Motown and Stax labels, thread since, the big hits around the world from each other. Think back to the “Broken Strings” ft. Nelly Furtado, “I Won’t Let You Go”, “Please Don’t Stop the Rain” and “You ” Make It Real”. With its romantic melodies, combined with his wonderful soulful voice, he manages, again and again, the nerve to the touch. Meanwhile with more than seven million albums sold worldwide, at the counter, and James Morrison, all the way back with a fifth album, the twelve pearls, including the new single “My Love Goes On”. A sublime duet with his girlfriend, Joss Stone. All the charm remains intact, and the voice to be just as intense and the melodies of infinite sweetness. Don’t miss this show.