Fans of the Family is upset, “this is so unfair’

f7c037472baf298122da1765e98370c3 - Fans of the Family is upset, "this is so unfair'

Since a short time, you can offer is on a duo-ticket for the season finale of the Family. Next week, the second-to-last and final episode of the Family to go out and look at the AED Studios in Lint, and that, in the presence of a member of the cast of the Family. The tickets are clearly in demand, and the bids flow in. Some auctions last less than a couple of minutes, which is more than enough to get the height down. Wednesday night, it was more than 3000 euros for a duo ticket. Slightly exaggerated, the fans, the Family. Fortunately, most of the auctions in an amount of less shut down. Wednesday evening there was a duo-ticket to be sold for less than 305 euros. The money from the sale of tickets is also for a good cause, that is, Red Nose Day.