Birkin/Gainsbourg is coming to Brussels

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In the summer of 2016, and saw the “Birkin/Gainsbourg-Le One is” the light of day under the influence of the orchestre symphonique de Montréal and the Francofolies de Montréal. Originally, I was to have two performances to mark the centenary of the death of Serge Gainsbourg, more than 25 years ago. But now, the pull of the show is still up until march of 2020, the world will be ours!
Jane Birkin released her greatest hits, with a special arranged by Nobuyuki Nakajima, and will be surrounded by the best orchestras in the world. As the artistic extension of this adventure, she is now with the inhabitants of the cities, towns, and regions in which they do not have a symphony orchestra able to take office, the chances of this ‘classic’ adaptation of the work of Serge Gainsbourg live to discover the city. By Nobuyuki himself at the piano, and accompanied by seven other musicians, it stands to Jane Birkin on Thursday, February 20, on the boards of the Royal Circus in Brussels, belgium, to its repertoire as a chamber to improve the situation. Don’t miss the opportunity to get an exceptional artist to live and to discover or re-discover!
Tickets will be available beginning on Friday, June 21, at 10 o’clock.