Andy Peelman, and With the Parent they see each other

1188efc03a5a2e8cbb23954b2630461e - Andy Peelman, and With the Parent they see each other

The legendary comedy television series “Uncle Jeff”, and the third to the theatre with With the Parent in the role of this great triumph. Theatertainment present “At Uncle Jeff” which will be premiered on the 20th of september, 2019. Of course With the Parent back in the role in and of itself. This time, it may be the director, and Dirk Lavrysen to work with two of the new names in the cast: Danni Heylen (FC De Kampioenen), and Andy Peelman (Buurtpolitie). “At Uncle Jeff” you will have three weekends in the Theater Elckerlyc, to Antwerp, and afterwards at the tour of Flanders in belgium. A great opportunity for many of the fans of Uncle Jeff, saying, “At Uncle Jeff” is being billed as the final theatrical performance based on the famous tv series.

Exactly three months before the premiere of “At Uncle Jeff”, director: Dirk Lavrysen’s no challenge to the actors, to the ultimate inleefstage as possible. He was very curious to find out if “Uncle Jeff” With the Parent, and Andy Peelman (The Buurtpolitie) will have the necessary culinary skills, they have. The answer to this question is, we’ve been able to live life in the fast-moving, open-plan kitchen of the fine dining restaurant, HEAD NORTH, with Danni Heylen as a member of the service. Ivo Pauwels has won the contest, by the way.

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Anyone who remembers the successful Flemish sitcom “Uncle Matt” in the second half of the ‘ 90’s, our tv show was. The comedy series is about a farmer on a pension, “Uncle Jeff” was a real crowd pleaser, and there have been more than 175 episodes of this. Flemish culture… from 2016, and in 2018, was “Uncle Jeff” one of the most successful of the second and third life in the Theater Elckerlyc, and then at the tour of Flanders.
But Uncle Matt was not yet finished their burping! After Uncle Jeff is in the rumbling,” and “Uncle Jeff, & the prodigal son” director: Dirk Lavrysen, this year is the final piece in which we are privileged to be a part of how he made his farm into a pop-up restaurant, and up to his ears and falls in love with him.