The name of Dina Tersago is abused by scammers

The name of Dina Tersago is abused by scammers

Dina Tersago let her followers on social media know that it is being misused by its name using the fake news to get people to comment. It’s going to be the message that is Dina Tersago directly would be to stop by the Farmer seeks a Wife. Dinah’s name is being misused in order to promote products, and make people light up.

“It has to be fake news about me in the time that I would end up with a Farmer seeks. A woman,” explains Dinah’s message to all her followers. “That’s NOT true. My name is in the articles illegally used to promote products where I can’T leave it, and will never consent to have been given.”

Dina Tersago has warned her followers to be and to do in a particular invitation: “Let this not fool you, please! And if you have a fake message to come across it please report it.”

Dina Tersago is not the first company which was the victim of this fake news campaign, these people are trying to explain. Also, An Lemmens, Evi Hanssen, and Natalia saw it, their name is already being abused.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀