The guinea pigs will build a new theatre in Antwerp

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The guinea pigs, this is the year to 10-year and the company has established itself as a gift of the format is given in a theatre. Ten-year-long leases, the company sites at the existing theatres in Antwerp, with an average of five productions per season, that would be impossible.

People who regularly go to theater to know that over the past few years but also have gone down in Antwerp, belgium. With the disappearance of the Real Antwaarps Theatre this summer, will also be the last theatre, which is linked to the work of a single author. But it is now back to change that. Because of this new initiative is the 31-year-old theaterschrijver, and producer Randall Of Duytekom. This next season is the sole author of six of the productions will be seen in the centre of Antwerp.

But the company, which is focused on family shows, it is much broader than that. “Our theatre is the place to be, where every weekend has something to offer to both children and their parents. When we have a show to play, we always hear from visitors is that it is theateraanbod is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 9 years old is too young. And now, we’ll be able to finally do something about it.”