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SureRemit Payment Network goes live in Germany with wholesalers – Coin Hero

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SureRemit Payment Network goes live in Germany with wholesalers

Home press release SureRemit Payment Network goes live in Germany with wholesalers

Leonie Zeumer –

The subsidiaries of Sura group enables customers since the beginning of this month, with the RMT Token in the case of companies such as Zalando, best buy, FootLocker, and Galeria Kaufhof to pay with crypto-currency.

With more than 700 retailers, as a Partner in the world, does not support the on Stellar Blockchain technology, the current network only crypto-enthusiasts in Germany, but especially in the case of the Token Transfer in third world countries.

SureRemit’s Global Venture Developer Selwijn Paehlig says in an Interview with CoinHero:

“If you send money via Western Union or banks, it often takes a very long time and the fees are gigantic – this is fucking theft!”

Within the SureRemit Ecosystems vouchers via the RMT Utility can be Token directly to the mobile phone via SMS or Email to receive to pay bills or food.

“So the money is used as intended – the Sender of the Token can be sure that the RMT is issued, for example, medicine and clothing, and not for alcohol or drugs,” says Paehlig.

In addition, the demand for money Transfers in developing countries is large, to Raids as it is to the money pick-up often, and thefts can occur.

Here, too, the crypto makes it – and Blockchain technology is again possible, the Token can cross borders in seconds, sent, without a centralized authority can manipulate it a little.

In comparison to the Ethereum platform on the Stellar network is faster and more cost-effective.

CEO Olaoluwa Samuel-Biyi looks for SureRemit a rosy future:

“ We are pleased with the progress and the growing development of SureRemit. Our Ecosystem is growing every day and the number of users is growing steadily. We are overwhelmed by the amount of positive Feedback and it motivates us to work even harder for our customers!”

In Nigeria, the seat of the end of the company’s great ambitions is to allow them: it is the 1.7 billion people in the world, no Bank can have access to, by the RMT the quality of your life tokens to improve.

The Token can be bought via the App with a Debit and credit card, and PayPal.

In the future the purchase with BTC, ETH, XLM, LTC and BNB should be possible.

SureRemit is currently in negotiations with multiple crypto exchanges the Token is still accessible for the market.

More information about SureRemit and the RMT Token on

To download the App here: Android iOS

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