On Wednesday, Four In a Bed

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On the left bank of the river Scheldt and the Antwerp municipality of Zwijndrecht (the netherlands) just to be on the border for Himself. Surrounded by pasture land, and polders are located in The Blue Farm, a restored farm from the 1580’s. The Blue Farmhouse, offers 5 rooms, will also house a children’s play area, restaurant, banquet facilities and a games room. It has all the tools in-house to large groups who prefer peace. Sarah is the executive director of the domain is in your hands, a good friend and colleague, Tim, has been the owner of the B&B and the executive chef of the restaurant. The building, which is to purchase dilapidated it was, it had been since the early days, it is known as The ” Blue Farm, with its unique blue tiles. The name of the B&B was quickly selected. The rooms were clean, but the style of the original farmhouse, here and there, but solid.

Four In a Bed-Wednesday, June 19, at 21.05 hrs on tv.