Now, on Friday Festivalkoorts-Rock Werchter festival, on the Canvas

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In Festivalkoorts-Rock Werchter festival, tell the three Belgian artists, and what the festival means to them: Jente Pironet-of dreampopband Portland, Fenne Kuppens, from postpunksensatie Just a Convenient, and, last but not least, the Brussels-based rapper with a Pregnant Guy. What is their relationship to the Rock Werchter festival? How are they to go to their concert? As well as the other names on the line-their hearts beat faster?
The pregnant Guy and, if last year’s Club C race, with the hip-hop collective, and NITROGEN. This year, Gorik van Oudheusden to the stage at The Barn all to himself, “That’s going to give.” The other bands, according to the Guy in the bus is: $uicideboy$ a punkrapduo in New Orleans, the Eastern-inspired Texans from Khruangbin, and – believe it or not, The Cure. “Boys Don’t Cry? It’s a topnummer!”

The dark sound it gives it a little bit, the way the People from Just Sons are a big fan of Robert Smith and bandmates. On Friday, they will open the main stage for thousands of the Cure fans around the world. How to front Fenne Kuppens is to prepare? “Because there is so little to think about it.” The blush on her cheeks, she also admits that she’s never been to the Rock Werchter festival has been. But this year, largely to make up as much as possible for others to see. Preferably, danceable, summery, and upbeat music acts such as the Jungle or Sports Team.