Michel Van den Brande be disappointed

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The good news for the fans of the program, The Sky Is The Limit, there is at least one more season. Peter, Boeckx and is currently working on the preparation of the fifth season of the program, is that a lot of viewers to the FOUR knew how to open doors. Those who Boeckx, during the first season, and will follow, it is not yet clear, what is clear is that the new names will be added. One of the earlier stars of the programme was presented by Peter Boeckx asked for in the first season, to take part in. That first season, there may be, in the spring of the year 2020, three years after the fourth and most recent season aired. The program had to deal with a remarkably low number of viewers, the new series of kingdoms spoke of in the spotlight for something less. However, it was carefully chosen by Peter Boeckx. The two brothers, Azimi meanwhile, is still better known in Flanders, and Peter Van den Berge and his family were very happy with how they appeared. It is a fact that the participants of season 4 was serious controversy of fact. As such, it was, among other things, matrassenkoning Dave Wauwermans, which will never become a millionaire, would have been. Season five is the Peter, Boeckx, began looking for new names, and, therefore, it falls to Michel Van den Brande from the boat. “I’m curious to see if the new faces for the spectacle that will take care of” said Van den Brande in the Family. For him, it was his presence in The Sky Is The Limit for a shot in the bull’s-eye. Even if it was Michel’s, not always in the same positive way, in the picture, there were several problems between him and his friend, Adam, -, Michel, a look back. “I was in three out of the four seasons, and it daaardoor for me, a lot of doors opened for business. But be aware that there are a dichtgegaan. As I’m known on tv. Anyway, it was a very good advertisement for my business, Kontrimo. I’m Peter, Boeckx very grateful for that. And a hell of a life: I have had it now for a good friend,” says Michel is in the Television and Family. But friends or not, Michel is not in the first season, and he’s still unhappy about it. “I have to say that it is fair to. Do you know that Peter, Boeckx, still quite a lot of footage of me from previous years? The images that the note be sent out. As my birthday is in the shower or bath. That was a big deal!”, marvels Michael. If, Peter, Boeckx call him, Michel would have his schedule right away to reorganize in order to get him out of distress. Also, Peter Van den Berghe, who, with his Faith, and the children in the program, was to be seen. “I do hope that the new ones are very good to screen it in advance. Because honestly, Dave’s Wauwermans… This Peter, a great mistake is made. Because the Wauwermans turned out later, however, one and the other, his might be the same.” Peter is hoping to perform on the invitation of Peter, Boeckx, to get. Along with Michel, another look at the program to pop up, and that he would like.