Jacques D’ancona, (81) fear of dementia, and Parkinson’s disease

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Jacques D’ancona, (81) fear of dementia, and Parkinson’s disease

19 June-2019 09:37
19-06-19 09:37
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Journalist Jacques D’ancona, in an interview with the Nieuwe Revu is said to be afraid of, dementia, and alzheimer’s disease. The writer would like to be as old as possible, with the use of reason.

D’ancona is a lot of working with the dead: “for Sure, as I get older, because no matter how you look at it or look at it, the end-of-life is approaching. My favourite end to the day after tomorrow, so patsboem to fall. Scared to death, I’m not, but that is the worst case scenario that I fear is dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or Parkinson’s disease.”

It is up to the journalist not to stop the work. “What I don’t want to, that’s for others to whisper to you that I have my piece of cake can’t take anymore,” said the ex-member of the jury. “If it’s not going to make a professional judgement about a production I want this to be self-realized. I want to be able to realize that it’s over.”