Home: heart-pounding episode on a railway line

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Home-is heading for its season finale. For the next week, until then, is there this week, even though a lot of fun too

In the finale of Wednesday night skipping school for many Years, Stan and Boris, and they will go all the way to the straight and narrow on this. After the Bill is for a phone call from the school that his son is not with us, he and Frank are on the lookout for the boys. It is a difficult and long journey, but eventually you will see the two guys sit down next to a railway line, been drinking. Filled with astonishment, sprint Bill, according to his son, and heard the ring tone of the tracks is not…
While the barrier to go down, run in the woods, He is still on the way to Bill and to shake off. With some doubts. Bill calls out to his son: ‘don’t do it!” But a Year passes, you see the drink under the bar, by the direction of the tracks. Unfortunately, he lost his balance, and he falls to the horror of his father, Stan, and Money are on the track down. Bill to sprint towards him, through the closed barrier, the speed of train is approaching… and The horn on the train sounds like a long time and it is hard. What have you done?

For these scenes, worked out for One, along with its mission. The images had already made a deep impression on the cast. Says Pol Goossen (to Frank): “This has been one of the most spectacular and exciting part in the Home recording that I have for the past 23 years and experienced it myself. The staff at lightning speed is beyond me, reed, was very scary. That power, that noise, that’s ruthless…”

Its mission made to ensure that the recording of the tracks and the train is in a safe and secure environment, and could happen in the united states, held in Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, on the tracks, due to its mission and for decision have been made. Its mission, itself, is extremely pleased that the hazard is around spoorlopen in this way, the attention he is receiving. For young people with its message, to reach, to work their education around spoorlopen put her out of the Home. Also, for The floor, a virtual reality installation, its mission, that the youth is a true-to-life experience based on spoorlopen will be used for the scenes at Home.

Hans-Rays, a producer from the Home: “The co-operation with its mission, gives us a unique opportunity to see a spectacular episode, as the announcement of the season finale next week. The roaring power of the train made up all of the cast and crew will have a severe impact. Spoorlopen, and ignore all of the barriers, as well as the severe human and financial consequences of this, we have powerful stories to be able to work from Home.”

Thomas Baeken, a spokesman of its mission: “people watching at Home will know that social issues are regularly discussed in the popular series. For its mission, an ideal stepping-stone to a subject, such as a spoorveiligheid addition to the agenda. Raise awareness in the most watched tv series in Flanders, and that there is a chance that we will not want to miss out on. Therefore, the contact we have with the camera. The fiction and the reality store is now in the hands of each other. In this special partnership between public television channel, and spoorinfrastructuurbeheerder, just one more victim of the spoorlopen can be achieved, our mission accomplished.”