F3 episode, Kristel Verbeke

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It is for the Kristel Verbeke is a great period of time, she is now just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather, even though it is at home, however, what is stress and her children are in full swing for the exams. Recognizable, isn’t it? She has been hard at work brainstorming on a new tv show, the plans for this are still not clear. However, hopes for Christel in the long term to be able to record. Later in the year, emerges, She is the theater, its a large theaterdebuut will be in the stand-up comedy “Christmas pine tree”, a piece that She was at the side of the Front of The Knight will really shine. Of the more than 20-year career, but her part in Q3 have, Kristel Verbeke, not the least of the theater experience. Fortunately, they have the experience of an old hand in the box to the count, that is the Job of The Knight. The job is also her opponent in the kerstcomedy. She, especially, as the strict mom of the F3 has been evaluated, is looking forward to her theaterdebuut. In the Story, points out, it is the word for this debut, however. “Let’s not forget that I am with the K3 is also a lot of stand-up comedy have in our ilms in our sitcom Hallo K3. And in the course of our shows, we talked and sometimes even mushrooms. In all modesty, I have over twenty years of K3-a lot of different things, and some personal experience.”